OEM Partner Solutions

Interested in selling Bio Basic products under your brand name? Bio Basic can potentially allow re-selling its products under your very own brand name.

Please be aware that Bio Basic only offers limited rebranding solutions and therefore can only remove branding from our packaging with the best of our abilities. It is therefore highly recommended to double-check removed traces of Bio Basic branding and in turn repackage Bio Basic products with your own brand packaging before re-selling.

Bio Basic is not responsible for rebranding products under your own brand name.

If you're interested in becoming an OEM Partner, please review the preliminary terms below and contact us for additional information at order@biobasic.com. Our representative will be in touch with you shortly (within 1-2 business days) for review.


OEM Partner will use commercially reasonable best efforts to purchase during each calendar year products with aggregate price in the minimum amount of $10,000.00 (the minimum purchase target). OEM Partner acknowledges that satisfaction of the minimum purchase target is a material obligation necessary to justify Bio Basic’s ongoing administrative support of the OEM Partner relationship. Failure to satisfy the minimum purchase target will be a basis for Bio Basic to cancel or terminate the OEM relationship.


For products, OEM Partner shall only receive "OEM pricing discounts" for a minimum purchase amount of USD $500 per order (in OEM pricing), before shipping, taxes (if applicable) or duties.


Shipping terms are FOB Markham, Ontario, Canada.


Payments are to be made in USD only.


Discounts on services such as genes and oligonucleotide synthesis vary, please inquire.


Purchases are to be made by bank wire transfer only (credit cards only accepted on a case by case basis).


Credit limits such as NET 30 are only issued on a case by case basis (upon relationship performance based on of 5-10 orders). Before then, payments are required in full before shipments are to be released.


OEM Partner is authorized to promote, sell, and deliver rebranded Bio Basic products and services only in the territory(s) agreed upon.


OEM Partner is responsible for rebranding Bio Basic products and services. (including packaging, product information sheets, manuals, etc.) Bio Basic’s rebranding support is limited to only removing Bio Basic branding from its packaging to the best of its abilities.

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