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Gene Flash Sale

For 11 days ONLY, Bio Basic will offer its gene services at outstandingly low rates.
Plus, FREE subcloning in our default vectors.* $60/gene for other vectors.**
100% Sequence Verified.
Up to 10ug prep for FREE upon request (standard is 2-4ug).
Please refer to table below for pricing and terms.
No order size restriction to receive discount.
Note that ALL PRICING is in CAD.

Promo code: FLJAN19
Validity: Jan 21, 2019 until Jan 31, 2019.

Please click here to request a quote or place an order, or contact us at gene@biobasic.com (T: 1-800-313-7224 ext. 322).
For more information on our Gene Services, please visit our Gene Synthesis Homepage.

Gene Length Sale Price (CAD)
<550bp $98.99/gene
661bp-1500bp $0.18/bp
1501bp-3000bp $0.18/bp
3001bp-5000bp $0.18/bp

*: Free Subcloning in the following default vectors:

pUC57 pUC57-Kan pUC57m (No NdeI) pBR322 pUCm-T pUC19
pBluescript II KS+ pBluescript II SK+ pBluescript II SK-

**: Subcloning fees apply (CAD $60) to the following vectors and all other custom vectors:

pUC18 pET-19b pET-28a(+) pET-45b(+) pcDNA3.1 (+) pACYCDuet-1
pTT5 pET-20b(+) pET-28b(+) pET-47b(+) pGEX-4T-1 pCDFDuet-1
pCold II pET-21a(+) pET-29b(+) pET-48b(+) pGEX-6P-1 pETDuet-1
pET-3a pET-21b(+) pET-30a(+) pET-49b(+) pGL3-Basic pGL4.17[luc2/ Neo]
pET-9a pET-22b(+) pET-32a(+) pET-50b(+) pGL3-promoter pGL4.19[luc2CP Neo]
pET-11a pET-24a(+) pET-32b(+) pEGFP-C1 pQE-30 pIRES2-EGFP
pET-15b pET-24b(+) pET-41a(+) pEGFP-C3 pQE-60 pmirGLO
pET-16b pET-24d(+) pET-42b(+) pEGFP-N1 pQE80L
pET-17b pET-26b(+) pET-43.1a(+) pcDNA3.1 (-) pRSFDuet-1

Terms and Conditions:
All prices in CAD. Valid from Jan 21, 2019 until Jan 31, 2019. Promo code FLJAN19 must be mentioned to receive this pricing. Terms and conditions subject to change. Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.

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