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Gene on a Chip: Bulk Pricing Offer

Through the introduction of the gene-on-a-chip synthesis technology, pricing for large gene synthesis projects have significantly reduced over the years.

Bio Basic strives to stay competitive in the marketplace through strategic investments in new technologies such as the parallel on-chip gene synthesis technology.

Having Bio Basic as your partner will enable you to continue to meet and exceed your expectations and needs, without the growing pressure and complications that may arise from switching partners in this ever-changing market.

1. $0.09/bp gene in vector:

Minimum 50,000 base pairs per order required.
$0.09 USD per base pair for genes in our default vectors.*
Offer applies for standard sequences between 100bp and 5000bp ONLY.
You will receive 2-4ug of lyophilized gene of interest in desired vector.
For custom subcloning, an additional fee of USD $45.00/subclone applies.**

*: Free Subcloning in the following default vectors:

pUC57 pUC57-Kan pUC57m (No NdeI) pBR322 pUCm-T pUC19
pBluescript II KS+ pBluescript II SK+ pBluescript II SK-

**: Subcloning fees apply (USD $45) to the following vectors and all other custom vectors:

pUC18 pET-19b pET-28a(+) pET-45b(+) pcDNA3.1 (+) pACYCDuet-1
pTT5 pET-20b(+) pET-28b(+) pET-47b(+) pGEX-4T-1 pCDFDuet-1
pCold II pET-21a(+) pET-29b(+) pET-48b(+) pGEX-6P-1 pETDuet-1
pET-3a pET-21b(+) pET-30a(+) pET-49b(+) pGL3-Basic pGL4.17[luc2/ Neo]
pET-9a pET-22b(+) pET-32a(+) pET-50b(+) pGL3-promoter pGL4.19[luc2CP Neo]
pET-11a pET-24a(+) pET-32b(+) pEGFP-C1 pQE-30 pIRES2-EGFP
pET-15b pET-24b(+) pET-41a(+) pEGFP-C3 pQE-60 pmirGLO
pET-16b pET-24d(+) pET-42b(+) pEGFP-N1 pQE80L
pET-17b pET-26b(+) pET-43.1a(+) pcDNA3.1 (-) pRSFDuet-1

2. $0.07/bp gene fragments:

Minimum 50,000 base pairs per order required.
$0.07 USD per base pair for gene fragments (not subcloned in any vector).
Offer applies for fragment lengths between 300bp and 1800bp ONLY.
You will receive 200ng of lyophilized gene fragment (NOT in vector).


Terms and Conditions: Offer expires August 31, 2018. Quote #GCHIP2018 must be used to receive this pricing. Bio Basic reserves the right to revise pricing without notice. Please inquire for additional information at gene@biobasic.com .

3. Smaller orders:

For less than 50,000 base pairs per order, please visit our standard gene pricing page.

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