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Setting up a Bio Bar


What is a Bio Bar?

Our Bio Bars are essentially “stockrooms” individually hosted by labs or other stockrooms within your very own institution which supply common and essential Bio Basic lab consumables.


What will I gain from setting up a Bio Bar?

Participating in set-up of a Bio Bar through us would entitle you with:
1) A commission on every sale of Bio Basic products sold by your Bio Bar (negotiated with our sales team).
2) Absolutely no cost to set-up, therefore there is no risk in setting one up.
3) Products can be sold from your Bio Bar at discounted prices (benefiting anyone who purchases through you) .
4) Free shipping of all Bio Basic products to your Bio Bar (including products not in stock, therefore anyone who make purchases of non-stock items through you will not have pay for any shipping, if they pick up from your Bio Bar).
5) A stock of consumables will allow you to be the go-to lab for a convenient supply of quality products at exceptional prices.


What is the catch?

There is no catch. As a growing company which is working on its visibility (i.e trying hard to get our name out there), the main idea behind this relationship is to allow it to be mutually beneficial. All we appreciate is the visibility you will be allowing us through this relationship, in exchange for commission on anything sold through you.


Ok, I’m interested. What do I need to do to set up?

1) Simply contact order@biobasic.com and indicate your interest. Our representative will be in touch with you to negotiate the terms and attend to your your concerns.
2) We will provide you with a mini-fridge and a small lab cabinet to store a pre-set list of Bio Basic products. The products can be changed based on what you feel would work better to keep in supply on your lab.

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