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Insertion of your gene into a specific vector of your choice. The vector may either be provided by you or can be obtained by Bio Basic.

Price Matching: Upon evaluation, we will match or beat competitor pricing upon presentation of a quote, or promotional link from any USA or Canadian based competitor, whenever possible.

gene synthesis price matching

Pricing and Turnaround

Turnaround* Price
4 ‐ 5 days $90

Complementary Vectors

FREE Vectors** FREE Vectors** FREE Vectors**
pUC57 pBR322 pBluescript II KS+
pUC57-Kan pUCm-T pBluescript II SK+
pUC57m (No NdeI) pUC19 pBluescript II SK-

More Vectors

Subcloning fees apply to the following vectors
pUC18 pTT5 pCold II
pET-3a pET-9a pET-11a
pET-15b pUC19 pET-19b
pET-20b(+) pET-21a(+) pET-21b(+)
pET-22b(+) pET-24a(+) pET-24b(+)
pET-28a(+) pET-28b(+) pET-29b(+)
pET-30a(+) pET-32a(+) pET-32b(+)
pET-41a(+) pET-45b(+) pET-47b(+)
pET-48b(+) pET-49b(+) pET-50b(+)
pEGFP-C1 pEGFP-C3 pcDNA3.1 (+)
pGEX-4T-1 pGEX-6P-1 pGL3-Basic
pGL3-promoter pQE-30 pQE-60
pACYCDuet-1 pCDFDuet-1 pETDuet-1
pGL4.17[luc2/ Neo] pGL4.19[luc2CP Neo] pIRES2-EGFP


  • Gene can be cloned into one of our vectors, or into vectors submitted to us.***

  • 2-4ug of lyophilized gene in vector, up to 10ug FREE upon request.

  • Genes are fully cloned and 100% sequence verified.

  • No hidden costs or “set-up” charges.

  • We can match or beat any competitor's price
    (some conditions apply).

*: Turnaround refers to business days. Turnaround varies with length of gene and complexity of sequence. Turnarounds are estimates.
Pricing applies to standard sequences. Cost and turnaround for synthesis of non-standard sequences may vary.

**: Free with purchase of our gene synthesis service.

***: Please click here to view a list of our stock vectors. Vectors other than listed are to be shipped to us for your subcloning projects.

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