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At Bio Basic, we are proud of our ability to optimize protein expression, maximize product yield, and ensure purity to serve every aspect of your research needs. We have the capacity to take your project directly from gene synthesis to protein expression, refolding and purification. Projects can either be initiated from gene synthesis, or you can simply provide us with the constructs that you would like to express. At the end of the project, we deliver all of the products we guarantee (amount of protein or study results). In addition to our expression services, we also provide a variety of protein services, including Endotoxin Removal, N-terminal Sequencing, Fermentation and Lyophilization services to complement your protein research needs.

To request a quotation or for placing orders, you can download a respective order form and email it to our protein purification department at protein@biobasic.com. Alternatively, fill in the quick form below or directly email us with details on your project. Our department will get back to you with a quote and may request more details on your project.

Why work with us?

  • Affordability

    Our protein services are not only of the highest standard, but also the most affordable in the industry. This is because we manufacture the majority of our reagents and tools in-house.

  • Multiple Purification Steps

    Unlike other facilities, we will continue multiple purification steps to ensure that you receive the guaranteed purity agreed for the project.

  • High Flexibility

    We are very Flexible with projects - we can use multiple tags, cell types and protocols, to ensure your project is completed as outlined.

  • Progress Reports

    We keep you updated on your project status through weekly progress reports so you are not left in the dark.

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