DNA Sequencing - Pricing

Below are tables containing the summary of pricing for our DNA Sequencing services. For more details on a particular service, please click on their respective service links. We strive to make our pricing structures as clear and transparent as possible, so feel free to contact us at sequencing@biobasic.com, should anything be unclear about our pricing structure and process.

Samples accepted in the following formats:
1. PCR Products.
2. Plasmids.
3. Bacteria.

FREE universal primers (including guidelines on submitting your own primers).

Bio Basic can also synthesize primers for you at an affordable cost.

FREE SHIPPING for >100 sample run (USA and Canada ONLY).

note: 1 reaction = 1 unique (primer + sample) pair.

Pricing and Turnaround - Sanger Sequencing:

Submission Size


1-10 1-2 days $5.00
10‐96 1-2 days $4.80
97-480 2-5 days $3.00
> 480 Please inquire Please inquire for a special quote

Pricing and Turnaround - Plasmid Purification/Extraction:


$1.00 Additional 1‐2 days

Pricing and Turnaround - PCR Cleanup:


$0.60 Additional 1-2 days

Turnaround times correspond to business days.
Turnaround times may vary depending on our current facility load.
An additional 1-2 days of turnaround time for Plasmid Purification/Extraction or PCR Cleanup.

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