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rokit invivo 3D bioprinter

Rokit Invivo 3D Bioprinter

The Rokit Invivo is a revolutionary 3D Bioprinter which is tailored to assist as well as improve the efficiency of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research.

It does this through allowing the creation of 3D cellular structures by printing scaffolds for hard tissues, as well as using bio-inks for the creation of soft tissue.

The Rokit Invivo is the world's first hybrid and modular 3D Bioprinter which allows researchers to have freedom in using a variety of materials and cells to propel the speed and efficiency of tissue generation.

Elaborate 3D scaffolds can be printed with medical-grade materials (PLGA, PLLA, POL, PLA).

A variety of bio-inks (Collagen, Gelatin, Silk Fabre, Hyaluronic acid).

High Accuracy and Precision: Temperature control and Step-Motor.

High Cell Viability: Sterilized environment (H14 HEPA filter, Air Pressure Filter, UV Lamp).

User Friendly interface: LCD Touchscreen, Android OS, Wi-Fi.

All FDA approved Materials.

For product demos, quotes and more info. please contact Senthil S., Ph.D, at senthil.s@biobasicusa.com, or at 1-240-246-5339.

Rokit Invivo 3D Bioprinter

Rokit Invivo 3D Bioprinter specifications


Objective Research Scope Printing Technology
Bio-ink Scaffold Tissue Syringe
Creating artificial skin by layered printing of human fibroblasts and keratinocytes on collagen-based scaffolds        
Researching materials for soft tissue
Printing and culturing 3D cell structures        
Investigating optimal conditions and specs for scaffold biomaterials and cell culturing methods specific to each engineered tissue    
Testing printability of various
polymer materials
Developing smart bio systems with 3D
bioprinted nano particles embedded structures
Testing dual-printing function: printing
scaffold & bioink-encapsulated cells
Developing porous bone-like scaffolds / biodegradable
dental implants / artificial joint simulators
Testing various cross-linking polymerization technologies
of the printer



Rokit Invivo Bioprinter Syringe Dispenser



Hydrogel with Cell Growth Factors Mixtures

Powder Mixtures

Hydroxy Apatite / Chitosan


Collagen / Gelatin / Fibrin / Hyaluronic Acid / Alginate


Rokit Invivo Bioprinter Filament Extruder


Synthetic Polymers

PCL (Polycaprolactone)

PLGA Poly (Lactic-co-glycolic acid)

PLLA(Poly L-lacUc acid)

Any Other Polymers 
for Hot Melt Extrusion

Rokit Invivo Bioprinter Pneumatic Dispenser


Various types of polymers and other materials that need temperature and air pressure control.

Printing Method Standard Upgraded Premium
Photo Polymerization
Bed Temperature Control  
Chemical Cross-linking
Thermoplastic Filament Extruder
Custom Blending Use (e.g. Hydrogel, Inorganic, Synthetic)    


Modular Packages


Rokit Invivo 3D Bioprinter standard package 1

Rokit Invivo 3D Bioprinter standard package 2

Rokit Invivo 3D Bioprinter upgrade package 1

Rokit Invivo 3D Bioprinter upgrade package 2

Rokit Invivo 3D Bioprinter premium package

Standard Package 1:
Polymer Extruder
+ Bio Dispenser

Standard Package 2:
Bio Dispenser
+ Bio Dispenser

Upgraded Package 1:
Polymer Extruder
+ Bio Dispenser
+ Temperature Controller

Upgraded Package 2:
Bio Dispenser
+ Bio Dispenser
+ Temperature Controller

Premium Package:
Hot Melt Extruder
+ Bio Dispenser
+ Temperature Controller
+ Air Dispenser Controller
+ Air Compressor

Print Patterns

Rokit Invivo 3D Bioprinter Extruder-Dispenser Dual Cross Print

Rokit Invivo 3D Bioprinter Multi Material 3D Positioning

Rokit Invivo 3D Bioprinter Scaffold Print

Rokit Invivo 3D Bioprinter Pore Size and Porosity

Rokit Invivo 3D Bioprinter 3D Core-Sheath Structure Printing

Dual Cross Print

Multi Material
3D Positioning

Scaffold Print
with Cells

Various Pore Sizes
and Porosity Control

3D Core-Sheath Structure
Printing (optional)






Printing System

Polymer Wire Extruder + Bio Dispenser

Polymer Wire Extruder + Bio Dispenser + Super Hot Melt Extruder


LCD Touch Screen / Android OS


Extruder 0.2mm / Dispenser 0.05mm

Hepa filter

H14 (99.995≤0.3µmD.O.P)

UV Lamp

Sterilizing UV Lamp


UV LED (365nm)

Bio Dispenser

Screw type of Bio Dispenser to avoid Contamination 10ml Syringe

Bio Dispenser Function


Cooling / Heating System (-10~80ºC)

Bed Plate


Cooling / Heating System (-10~80ºC)


Extruder Ø: 0.2mm,0.4mm

Bio Dispenser Ø: 0.05~0.8mm

Extruder Ø: 0.2mm,0.4mm

Bio Dispenser Ø: 0.05~0.8mm

Pneumatic Dispenser Ø: 0.1~0.5mm

Pneumatic Dispenser


High Temperature Melting System (~350ºC)

Build Volume


Printing Speed


*Do not operate on the deck while UV lamp on. It might cause burns or injury to eyes.
*Above specifications can be changed without notice.


Rokit Invivo 3D Bioprinter References

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