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Mammalian Expression

Mammalian cell lines (CHO, HEK 293 etc) are widely used for the production of recombinant glycoproteins (vaccines, enzymes) as well as hormones and immunobiologicals (antibodies, interleukins, lymphokines), as they have the advantage of full post-translational modifications of the expressed protein (e.g. proper folding, glycosylation, phosphorylation, etc) .

However, mammalian expression levels tend to be lower in comparison to other expression systems, so the cost is higher and achieving large amounts of protein (>10mg) may be difficult.

Expression Package




Pilot Expression:
- Expression test (~10 ml culture).
- Western Blot Analysis.
- Expression results.
- QC data.
- Weekly progress reports.
2-3 weeks $800
Pilot Purification:
- Expression of protein in 100 ml mammalian culture.
- Pilot purification using HIS tag.
- Includes refolding (if needed), affinity chromatography,
gel filtration, dialysis (as needed).
- QC of protein product (SDS-PAGE, protein concentration).
- Max. purity currently achievable by this service is 80-90%.
- Purified sample (variable ug quantities).
- Expression results.
- QC data.
- Weekly progress reports.
2-3 weeks $1,500
Scale up of purified protein.
- Desired quantity of protein.
- Expression results.
- QC data.
- Weekly progress reports.
Varies with scale
and/or purity.
Varies with scale
and/or purity.

Western Blot data available FREE of charge for any tagged proteins than can be detected by the anti-HIS antibody. Additional charges apply for all other proteins.

Project Process

For Mammalian Expression projects, we start with a pilot study for expression (to test whether it is high or low), followed by another pilot study for purification - the key factor for mammalian expression. We will send a sample of the purified protein obtained from this pilot study (contains about 10-100ug of purified protein obtained from ~100ml culture) along with a report.

Following this, you can decide the quantity of protein you desire and we will provide you with a quote. The price varies based on the quantity desired and synthesis process.

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