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For over 10 years, Bio Basic has been providing a wide array of peptide services for quality custom peptide synthesis, including hundreds of modifications, as well as peptide library and pool services. In addition, we also synthesize various cosmetic, pharmaceutical and GMP equivalent peptides. Related services such as TFA removal and solubility testing are also available.

We are also one of the few, if not the only facility to offer a money back guarantee for failed projects i.e. if we cannot successfully synthesize your peptide, you pay absolutely nothing . Since the risk is on us, rest assured that we will ensure successful completion of your project.

With dedicated project managers, our service employs effective synthesis protocols, QA/QC procedures, and instrumentations to ensure your peptides are synthesized and delivered as outlined in your project requirements.

To request a quotation or for placing orders, please download our order form (preferred) and email it to our peptide synthesis department at peptide@biobasic.com. Alternatively, you can directly email us with details on your project or fill in the quick form below. We will get back to you as soon as we can with a quote or with more questions to better understand your project.

Why work with us?

  • Affordability

    Our peptide services are the most affordable in the industry as we manufacture the majority of our reagents in-house. Absolutely no hidden costs or set-up charges.

  • High Success Rates

    10+ years of experience in peptide synthesis, >95% success rate.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Unlike other facilities, you pay nothing if your project fails - we take the risk, so rest assured we will do our very best for successful completion.

  • Variety of QC Tests Available

    Including HPLC, MS, Amino Acid Analysis (AAA), N elemental Analysis, Water content (Karl Fischer), Acetate Content (HIPC), Maldi-Tof MS.

  • Guaranteed TFA Removal

    We can provide guaranteed TFA removal for your peptide if needed.

  • Free Solubility Testing

    Free solubility testing and aliquoting is available if needed.

  • Flexible Purity

    We offer synthesis from crude peptides to high purity peptides (>98%).

  • Flexible Length

    We specialize in the synthesis of both short and long peptides (>50 amino acids in length).

  • Flexible Scales

    We have the capacity for small scale (mg), as well as large scale (kg) projects.

  • Progress Reports

    We keep you updated on your project status through weekly progress reports so you are not left in the dark.

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