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Terms and Conditions

Below are our terms and conditions for our gene synthesis services. Please click here for our general terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are subject to change.

1. Orders and deliverables

Bio Basic will deliver 2-4.0ug plasmid DNA containing gene of interest. Plasmid DNA will be in pUC vector and provided in lyophilized powder form. Along with the final gene product, Bio Basic will provide chromatogram sequencing results, gene report, alignment file, complete nucleotide sequence of the plasmid (cloning vector) including the sequence of the gene insert, and restriction digestion analysis results. All these documents will be sent electronically along with the final product. Upon request, the customer may also receive these documents on USB.

No gene synthesis is initiated without a Purchase Order or credit card number. Bio Basic accepts credit card (Visa or MasterCard), cheque or wire in payment. Payment term is net 30 days. For large projects, a 25% deposit may be required to initiate of the project. Deposit of 25% is fully refundable.

2. Turnaround

Bio Basic will make its best effort to ship genes with a sequence length less than or equal to one thousand base pairs (1000bp), within ten (10) business days of receipt of an order. Bio Basic will make its best effort to ship genes with a sequence length between one thousand base pairs (1000bp) to two thousand base pairs (2000bp), within fifteen (15) business days of receipt of an order. For genes with a sequence length greater than two thousand base pairs (2000bp), Bio Basic will provide customer with an estimate of the completion date before manufacture of the gene.

3. High GC content genes and highly repetitive genes

In case of genes with high GC content (including regional high GC content genes), as well as highly repetitive genes, Bio Basic reserves the right to deliver genes within a more reasonable time frame. The new time frame will be consulted with customer prior to start of gene synthesis. Bio Basic may also refuse to fill any order by notifying customer orally or by written notice if the order is technically difficult to accomplish.

4. Custom cloning vehicle

Unless otherwise specified in a quotation or during a promotion, Bio Basic will charge an extra CAD $150 dollars to subclone the genes of interest into customer’s desired cloning vehicle(s).

Customer must provide detailed sequence information pertaining customer vector. Any incorrect or false information provided by customer may lead to significant delay of the project. In this case, Bio Basic is not responsible for the delay or any consequences caused by the delay.

If subcloning fails due to circumstances beyond control, Bio Basic will deliver the final gene product in a pUC57 vector. In this scenario, the subcloning fee will NOT be charged to customer due to incompletion of subcloning process.

5. Genes with expression toxicity

In the event that a designed DNA fragment is toxic to the E.coli host in which it is grown, Bio Basic reserves the right to provide 20ug of sequence-verified full length PCR fragment in place of plasmid DNA. Customer agrees to pay the full invoice amount.

6. Genes that fail to be synthesized in full length (in a standard vector or as a PCR fragment)

Bio Basic makes its best effort to synthesize the full length gene in the standard vector pUC57. Should Bio Basic be unsuccessful in generating the full-length sequence in the standard vector or as a full length PCR fragment (due to sequence instability, toxicity, GC rich areas, repeats, etc.), the customer is not obligated to make ANY payment to Bio Basic. Should the customer be willing to receive sequence-verified PCR fragments, Bio Basic reserves the right to ask a proportion of the original price (up to 50%) to cover labour and material cost.

7. Cancellations

For any genes, customer may cancel the order after reaching an agreement with Bio Basic:

i) If Bio Basic has received the order, but has not initiated the project, the customer is entitled to cancellation of the order without any penalty.

ii) If Bio Basic has prompted oligo synthesis, but not cloning and/or thereafter, customer may cancel the order, however, customer is obliged to pay 25% of the original price to cover labour and material cost.

iii) If Bio Basic has prompted oligo synthesis, and has started cloning and/or thereafter, customer may cancel the order, however, after agreement with Bio Basic, the customer is obliged to pay penalty cost, depending on the stage or status of the project.

iv) If Bio Basic has obtained the correct sequence within specified time frame, customer may cancel the order; however, the full amount will be paid to Bio Basic.

8. Patents

Bio Basic serves as a service provider and offers synthesis services of sequences provided by the customer. It is the sole responsibility of customer to verify whether their respective work is result of any infringements of any patents. Bio Basic expressly disclaims any liability in this regard.

9. Inspection policy

Upon receipt of shipped goods, customer shall inspect the shipment promptly for damages, shortages and correct identity of product. Any product that is not identical to the requested sequence will be replaced or authorized for return and credit, at our option. Any claims must be submitted within 3 months of shipment.

10. Warranty

Bio Basic guarantees 100% accuracy and match of genes requested. Any claims must be submitted within 3 months of shipment. At the time of shipment, Bio Basic keeps a single copy of the gene for unexpected incidents and/or disputes. After 3 months, this copy of the gene will be destroyed permanently. Bio Basic reserves the right to refuse handling disputes after period of 3 months.

11. Confidentiality

Bio Basic and the customer agree that all confidential information including but not limited to project scope, contract terms, pricing information, product development technologies and processes, and business-related information shall not be disclosed to any third party and both parties receiving confidential shall only make internal use of the confidential information.

12. Usage

Bio Basic products are used exclusively for scientific research purposes only. Materials will not be used for human or animal consumption.

13. Limited license agreement for human genepool full-length genes

Human genePool (TM) Clones are typically derived from cDNA library clones according to the most current GenBank update. Please note, subsequent GenBank updates may show some of these cDNA clones to contain a partial or deviant sequence(s), a non-coding sequence or other artifacts.

It is highly recommended that the customer carefully evaluates the ORF clone sequence prior to purchase. It is the customer’s responsibility to check whether the sequence associated with any particular clone meets his/her scientific requirement prior to purchase.

Bio Basic makes no warranties, express or implied, that the manufacture, use, importation, or sale of the gene contained within any Human GENEPOOL (TM) clone will not infringe any third party intellectual property right.

14. Matching or beating competitor's quotes

To qualify for a competitor quote match, an official quote from the competitor must be provided to Bio Basic for evaluation purposes.

Note that the service(s) you are trying to match should be equivalent, so keep in mind the sequence verification, quantity of gene, whether a vector is included, etc. when requesting a quote match.

Bio Basic can choose to match or beat competitor quotes on a case by case basis i.e each case will be evaluated independently and may or may not be approved for price matching or beating.

Bio Basic is not obligated to match or beat a competitor quote and can therefore choose to opt-out if needed.

By placing orders through Bio Basic, you have read and accepted upon all the terms and conditions listed by Bio Basic.

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