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The Challenge

Research is expensive! Funding is critical for research projects, but it is becoming increasingly challenging to secure a sufficient amount as a stable source of income to move the project forward.

This may be as investors and governments not only find it difficult to gauge the reliability of long term investments in these projects, but they may also fail to understand the reasoning and complexities associated with the costs, as well as the time commitments required for these projects to be successful.

Because of this challenge, many projects either get cancelled or downscaled to accommodate the budget, thereby weakening the strength, effectivity and overall reliability of data from a given research project.

Our mission here at Bio Basic is to challenge this belief that research is expensive and aim to show that research can indeed be made affordable - especially quality research. Therefore our goal is to minimize the cost of research projects as to allow a lab of any size, even one with a shoe-string budget to be able to conduct large credible research projects.

More credible projects = More data = Faster breakthroughs in science!

Our Mission

“To provide the highest quality products and services at
the most affordable rates in the industry.”

Our Vision

“To make quality research affordable to any lab, anywhere,
thereby allowing scientific breakthroughs to flourish.”

Our Values

“To deliver an unparalleled quality of service as a team
with great care, passion and integrity.”

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