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Our DNA Sequencing

Our Experience

Bio Basic has over 10 years of experience as a DNA Sequencing provider. We offer fast, efficient, and affordable DNA sequencing services to researchers throughout North America.

We cater to our client’s needs by assigning dedicated project specialists to each project and accommodating their specific requirements to ensure successful project completion.

To request a quotation or for placing orders, please download our order form (preferred) and email it to our sequencing department at sequencing@biobasic.com (or sg-sequencing@biobasic.com for Singapore and South East Asia customers). Our department will get back to you within 24 hours (on a business day; EST).

Why work with us?

  • Affordability

    We believe quality research should be affordable and easily accessible to every lab. Special prices on large projects/contracts. Please inquire.

  • No Penalties

    We understand that not everything works out (samples get lost or damaged in transit, etc.) therefore we do not charge for any reactions we do not perform (including empty wells).

  • Free Additional Run

    Other service providers usually provide only a single run on a sample. When sequencing with us, if the first run fails, we provide one additional run, along with troubleshooting at no extra cost, to maximize the chance of success on the second run.

  • Free Gel Analysis

    We will perform a gel analysis at no additional cost for QC of fragment length.

  • Positive Controls Included

    Positive controls are included at no additional cost to ensure that proper sequencing chemistry and procedures are carried out during sample analysis.

  • No Strict Guidelines

    We accept samples in many formats and arrangements. We will not refuse an order due to orientation and will gladly work with you to sort things out.

  • Various Sample Acceptance

    Samples accepted in multiple formats: PCR products (crude or pure), Plasmids, Bacteria (colonies, glycerol stocks or pelleted cultures).

  • Free Universal Primers

    M13 Forward, M13 Reverse, pGEX 3', pGEX 5', T7 promoter, T7 terminator, SP6, T3. Please refer to our Oligo Synthesis page for custom primer synthesis.

  • Turnaround

    24 to 48 hours (on a business day) upon sample receipt (Sanger). Longer turnaround is expected for > 5 plates.

Ordering & Quote Estimates

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