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3D Bioprinters

The ROKIT INVIVO is a revolutionary 3D Bioprinter from South Korea which is tailored to assist as well as improve the efficiency of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research.

It does this through allowing the creation of 3D cellular structures by printing scaffolds for hard tissues, as well as using bio-inks for the creation of soft tissue.

The ROKIT INVIVO is the world's first hybrid and modular 3D Bioprinter which allows researchers to have freedom in using a variety of materials and cells to propel the speed and efficiency of tissue generation.

Elaborate 3D scaffolds can be printed with medical-grade materials (PLGA, PLLA, POL, PLA).

A variety of bio-inks (Collagen, Gelatin, Silk Fabre, Hyaluronic acid) can also be incorporated with high accuracy and precision. This along with a user friendly interface (LCD Touchscreen, Android OS, Wi-Fi) allows the ROKIT INVIVO to be a highly valuable tool in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine .

Please click here for more information. For quotes or product demos, please contact Senthil S., Ph.D, at senthil.s@biobasicusa.com, or at 1-240-246-5339.

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